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Israel / South Lebanon: Fear of torture / legal concern: Ahmad Kamil Sa'id

, N° d'index: MDE 15/027/1997

There is concern for the safety of Ahmad Kamil Sa'id, a secondary school student, who was reportedly arrested with six others at a roadblock set up by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in South Lebanon on 2 June 1997. The others were later released, but Ahmad Kamil Sa'id is said to have been taken to the Khiam detention centre, where he is being held incommunicado.

EXTERNAL AI Index: MDE 12/27/97
UA 179/97 Fear of torture / Legal concern 18 June 1997
ISRAEL / SOUTH LEBANONAhmad Kamil Sa’id, secondary school student
Ahmad Kamil Sa’id was reportedly arrested with six others from the village
of Yohmor al-Shaqif in South Lebanon on 2 June 1997. The arrest took place
at a road block set up by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). The others were
later released but Ahmad Kamil Sa’id is said to have been taken to the Khiam
detention centre, a prison run by the South Lebanon Army (SLA) in Israel’s
self-styled “security zone” in South Lebanon, where he is at risk of torture
and prolonged detention without charge or trial. To date, his family has had
no access to him.
Khiam detention centre is the main detention and interrogation facility of
the SLA. At present about 130 detainees are held. Those detained have been
held without charge or trial for up to 12 years. Torture of detainees during
interrogation has been systematic; among the tortures described by former
detainees are severe beatings, whippings and the use of electric shocks.
Detainees had no access to families and the International Committee of the
Red Cross (ICRC) between 1987 and 1995.
Israel frequently denies that it has any authority over Khiam detention centre.
However, Israel controls the "security zone" and controls, trains and funds
the SLA.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes/express/airmail letters in
English or your own language:
- seeking assurances from the SLA and Israel that Ahmad Kamil Sa’id is not
being tortured or ill-treated;
- calling on the SLA and the Israeli authorities to ensure that he has immediate
access to his lawyer, family, doctor, and to the ICRC;
- calling for the immediate release of Ahmad Kamil Sa’id if he is not promptly
charged with a recognizable criminal offence and tried before a court which
meets international standards for fair trials.
Binyamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
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Hakirya, Jerusalem 91007, Israel
Faxes: +972 3 691 7915
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Faxes: +972 3 697 6218
Telegrams: Defence Minister, Tel Aviv, Israel
Salutation: Dear Minister
General Antoine Lahad
South Lebanon Army
South Lebanon
via Israel
Telephone no/fax: +972 6 6659 067
Telegrams: General Lahad, SLA, Marjayun, via Israel
Salutation: Dear General
and to diplomatic representatives of ISRAEL / SOUTH LEBANON accredited to your
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 30 July 1997.

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