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Israel / South Lebanon: Further information: deportation / fear for safety: over 400 Palestinians

, N° d'index: MDE 15/001/1993

More than 400 Palestinians deported from the Occupied Territories on 17 December 1992 remain in a makeshift camp in an area between the "security zone" controlled by Israel and the SLA and the rest of Lebanon. Two Palestinians were evacuated from the camp by the ICRC on 9 January 1993: one had been deported by mistake and the other was admitted to hospital in Marja'youn in the "security zone" with a severe kidney infection. Nine Palestinians were also mistakenly deported. They are suspected of carrying out violent acts and will face charges on return. However, the Israeli authorities are refusing to let them reenter via the checkpoint through which they were expelled. Lebanon is continuing to refuse to allow the supply of humanitarian aid to the men through its territory.

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