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Further information on UA 252/92 (MDE 14/01/92, 3 August) - Iraq: death penalty: Ra'ad Tabra, Mahmud al-Rahmani, Salim Hamra Abd al-Hadi Hamra, Tareq Hamra, Hazem Hamra, Najah Mahdi Saleh Kubba, Qassem 'Arab, Ahmad Malallah, Ahmad Muhyi al-Haj Radi, Jasse

, N° d'index: MDE 14/002/1992

AI is gravely concerned about reports of the execution in Iraq of 25 merchants and traders on 17 September 1992. This follows the reported execution of as many as 42 merchants, including those named above, in Baghdad on 26 July 1992. They are said to have been charged with profiteering. AI has requested details of the charges and legal procedures followed in relation to the 26 July executions and has appealed to the authorities to commute any further death sentences. No reply has been received to date. AI has no information as to whether any form of trial took place prior to the executions of 17 September 1992.

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