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Iran: Further information on fear of torture / legal concern and new concern: fear of death penalty

, N° d'index: MDE 13/020/1996

Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Mohammad Taqi al-Dhakeri, aged 41, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin 'Abdolrahman al-Ha'eri, aged 32, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Sayed 'Abdolrasul al-Musawi, aged 40, Hojjatoleslam Taleb al-Salehi, aged 24, Hojjatoleslam Mohammed Fazel Mohammad al-Saffar, aged 23, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad 'Ali Ma'ash, aged 24, Sighatoleslam Fu'ad Fujian, aged 30, Mohammad al-Ghaffari, aged 42, Hadi al-Akhound al-Dhakeri, aged 29, Iyad Fujian, aged 25, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Sayed Morteza Shirazi, aged 29, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Ja'far Ghani al-Ha'eri, Hojjatoleslam Muhammad Saleh Hedayati, Hojjatoleslam Sayed Abbas Musawi, Ahmad Akhound, Jalal Akhound and 7 others; new names: Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Sayed Mehdi Shirazi (brother of Sayed Morteza), aged about 20, Ali al-Rumaythi, Sheikh Hossein al-Dhakeri (brother of Mohammad Taqi and Hadi), Hojjatoleslam Sheikh Azizollah Hassani, aged about 60: Reportedly, at least four more people connected to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi have been arrested. AI fears that they may also be prisoners of conscience and be at risk of torture. There are conflicting reports as to whether Sheikh Hossein al-Dhakeri has been released, but at least the other three are believed to be held in incommunicado detention. Most, if not all, of the other 23 referred to above are believed to remain in detention and to have been tortured. At least two are said to have been sentenced to prison terms after unfair trials in which they had no access to a lawyer and it is feared that some others may face the death penalty, if convicted.

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