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Further information on UA 80/92 (MDE 13/07/92, 6 March and follow-up MDE 13/08/92, 27 April) - Iran: fear of torture and (new concern) unfair trial: Sardar Yousef Naroui

, N° d'index: MDE 13/020/1992

Sardar Yousef Naroui was reportedly sentenced to four years' imprisonment following a trial at the beginning of August 1992. The trial is believed to have been held in camera: details such as the charges brought against him are not known to AI. He was transferred to Zahedan Civil Prison after the trial. AI is concerned about reports that he may have been tortured or ill- treated. AI also believes that Sardar Yousef Naroui's trial did not meet international standardards of fairness. Reports of arbitrary arrest, detention and torture of members of the Naroui tribe in Baluchistan-Sistan continue to reach AI: at least 16 members of this tribe were reported to have been executed in 1992.

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