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Iran: Fear of "disappearance" / health concern: Javad Rouhani, and at least 25 others

, N° d'index: MDE 13/015/1995

AI is concerned about the fate of Javad Rouhani, a student aged 26, who was reportedly arrested on 17 July 1995 when members of the Iranian security forces raided his house in Qom. Since then his family have been unable to discover his whereabouts. Javad Rouhani is the son of Grand Ayatollah Sadeq Rouhani who reportedly wrote an open later to the Iranian president criticising restrictions on religious rites, arrests and imprisonment of people, forcible exile, beatings and reported killings. Javad Rouhani is apparently in poor health from an earlier car accident. At least 25 supporters of Grand Ayatollah Rouhani were reportedly arrested on 1 August 1995 when they protested against the reported persecution of him and his family. AI is concerned that Javad Rouhani and those arrested may be held in incommunicado detention.

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