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Iran: Legal concern/Possible Death Penalty

, N° d'index: MDE 13/011/1999

Navid Balazadeh, Nejat Beroukhim, Farhad Seleh, Shahrokh Paknahad, Ramin Farzam, Farzad Kashi, Faramarz Kashi, Aasher Zadmehr (aka Shekasteh Band), Nasser Yaghoub Levy Haim (Leveeim), Javeed Beit Yaghoub, Ramin Nemati, Danny Tefileen, Omid Tefileen. Amnesty International is concerned that the 13 people named above may be at risk of unfair trial and could face the death penalty if convicted. News reports citing the Iranian authorities state that they have been accused of spying for Israel and the US, and are to be prosecuted in a Revolutionary Court on espionage charges. Espionage carries the death penalty in Iran. Lawyers and observers are excluded from trials at Revolutionary Courts, where trials often fall short of minimum international fair trial standards.

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