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Iran: Further information on fear of torture / legal concern

, N° d'index: MDE 13/003/1996

Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Mohammad Taqi al-Dhakeri, aged 41, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin 'Abdolrahman al-Ha'eri, aged 32, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Sayed 'Abdolrasul al-Musawi, aged 40, Hojjatoleslam Taleb al-Salehi, aged 24, Hojjatoleslam Mohammed Fazel Mohammad al-Saffar, aged 23, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad 'Ali Ma'ash, aged 24, Sighatoleslam Fu'ad Fujian, aged 30, Mohammad al-Ghaffari, aged 42, Hadi al-Akhnound al-Dhakeri, aged 29, Iyad Fujian, aged 25, Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Sayed Morteza Shirazi, aged 29, and 7 others: new names: Hojjatoleslam val muslimin Ja'far Ghani al-Ha'eri, Hojjatoleslam Mohammed Saleh Hedayati, Hojjatoleslam Sayed Abbas Musawi, Ahmad Akhound, Jalal Akhnoud: the whereabouts of at least 23 followers of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi remain unknown. Fears for their safety have been heightened by unconfirmed reports that Sayed Morteza Shirazi and Mohammad al-Ghaffari have been tortured.

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