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Egypt: Further information on prisoners of conscience / fear of further prisoners of conscience / fear of torture

, N° d'index: MDE 12/052/1997

Hamdein Sabbahi, journalist; Mohammad 'Abdu, veterinarian; Mohammad Sulayman Fayyad, lawyer; Hamdi Haykal, lawyer; Sayyed Ahmad al-Tokhi, human rights defender, lawyer; Kamal Khalil Khalil, engineer; and new arrests: Akram Alfy Mikha'il, student; and Mostafa Mohammad Mostafa, civil servant: Hamdein Sabbahi, Mohammad 'Abdu, Mohammad Sulayman Fayyad and Hamdi Haykal were released on 25 September 1997. Prisoners of conscience Sayyed Ahmad al-Tokhi and Kamal Khalil Khalil are still detained in connection with their peaceful activities in opposition to the new agricultural law. Amnesty International has received reports of the arrest of Akram Alfy Mikha'il, a student, and Mostafa Mohammad Mostafa, a civil servant. Both men are accused of distributing leaflets critical of Law 96 and are currently being held in an unknown place under 15-day detention orders.

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