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Egypt: Further information on death penalty

, N° d'index: MDE 12/029/1997

Mostafa Mohammad Mahmoud 'Eissa, Al-Numeiry Ramadhan Sayyid Ahmad, 'Adel 'Abd al-Ghani 'Abd al-Rahman, aged 22, Mounir Mostafa 'Abd al-Hafiz (in absentia), 'Abd al-Hamid Abu 'Aqrab (in absentia): There is concern that death sentences against the five people named above have been ratified by the Prime Minister on 2 June. Their only hope of clemency now lies with the President. Defence lawyers reportedly claimed that the defendants had been tortured, but no investigation into their allegations is known to have been initiated. They were sentenced to death in December 1996 in a case involving 32 alleged members of the armed Islamist group al-Gam'a al-Islamiya.

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