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Further information on UA 130/93 (MDE 12/04/93, 23 April; and follow-ups MDE 12/08/93, 10 June and MDE 12/09/93, 14 June) - Egypt: death penalty: Hassan Shahata Badran, Bastawi 'Abd al-Hamid Abu al-Magd, Sa'id Amin Abu al'Magd, Ashraf Sa'id 'Abd Rabbu, Dr

, N° d'index: MDE 12/010/1993

All eight men named above have been executed. Hassan Shahata Badran was executed on 23 June 1993. The other seven men were hanged at approximately 7am on 8 July 1993 in Cairo's Isti'naf Prison. All the above were sentenced to death by military courts, even though all of them are civilians

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