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Further information on UA 112/94 (MDE 12/06/94, 18 March) - Egypt: death penalty: Salah al-Sayyid Sulayman, 'Issam Mohammad 'Abd al-Rahman al-Touni, Nour al-Din Sulayman Mohammad 'Ali, Amin Isma'il al-Musailhi, Tariq 'Abd al-Nabi Hassan al-Fahal, 'Adel al

, N° d'index: MDE 12/007/1994

According to Al-Ahram newspaper of 4 April 1994, the President of the Republic has now ratified the death sentences passed on the nine people named above. The first five listed may submit petitions to the Military Appeals Bureau, but they have no right of appeal. Their execution may be imminent. The nine were sentenced to death by the Supreme Military Court in Cairo which pronounced judgement on 17 March in the case known as "the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Dr 'Atef Sidqi".

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