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Egypt: Arrests of opponents of the Gulf war

, N° d'index: MDE 12/006/1991

This report gives the names of students, engineers, medical doctors and opposition party leaders adminstratively detained in early February in connection with their positions on the Gulf war. The detained are: Ehab Hamdi Mohammed, Wala' Fahmi 'Ali, Mohammed Hosam al-Din Mukhtar, al-Sayyid Fathi al-Sayyid, Mohammed al-Seba'iy Gharib, Hisham Mohammed Higazi, Ramadan 'Ali al-'Arabi, Tariq al-'Awadhi, Abdullah Taha 'Ali, Ibrahim 'Abdu Salih, Ahmed 'Abd al-Azim, Dr. Mohammed Mandour, Dr. 'Emad 'Atrees, Dr. 'Adel al-Mashad, Magdi Ahmed Hussein, Nagi al-Shahabi.

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