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UA 24/93 - Egypt: death penalty / unfair trial / torture: Al-Sharif Hassan Ahmed and seven others sentenced to death; and Ahmed Ibrahim 'Abd al-Galil, Qassim Ibrahim Qassim Qettish, 'Ala' al-Din Isma'il 'Abbas Ramadhan, Mohammad Sa'id Mohammad 'Abdu, all

, N° d'index: MDE 12/001/1993

Al-Sharif Hassan Ahmed and the seven others referred to above, all alleged members of banned Islamic opposition groups, were sentenced to death on 3 December 1992 by a military court following an unfair trial. Only one of those sentenced was present. The seven sentenced in absentia are: Mohammad Shawqi al-Islambuli, Mostafa Ahmed Hamza, Rufa'i Ahmed Taha, 'Othman Khalid Ibrahim, Ahmed Mostafa Nouara, Tal'at Mohammad Yassin and Tala't Fou'ad Qassim. The Constitutional Court ruled on 30 January that their sentences could be implemented. Thirty-one others were given sentences ranging from life imprisonment to one year. At least five defendants, including those named above, have alleged torture following arrest, apparently confirmed by forensic tests.

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