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Bahrain: Death in custody / arbitrary arrests / fear of torture: Sa'id 'Abd al-Rasul al-Iskafi, secondary school student, aged 16-17

, N° d'index: MDE 11/015/1995

Sa'id 'Abd al-Rasul al-Iskafi, aged 16, died in custody some 48 hours after his arrest on 6 July 1995. He had been summoned for interrogation by the State Security Intelligence, in connection with his alleged participation in recent protests in Bahrain. On 8 July, his family was told to collect his body from the Military Hospital. His body is alleged to have borne marks of torture. His death sparked demonstrations and scores of people have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in these protests. In view of the death in custody of Sa'id 'Abd al-Rasul al-Iskafi, AI fears for the safety of those arrested.

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