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UA 271/94 - Bahrain: fear of forcible exile: 'Abd al-'Adhim Derwish, 'Ali Derwish Moussa

, N° d'index: MDE 11/007/1994

'Abd al-'Adhim Derwish and 'Ali Derwish Moussa, two Bahraini nationals, have recently been repeatedly forcibly exiled from Bahrain. 'Abd al-'Adhim Derwish is currently believed to be held at the airport after being sent back from Frankfurt on 17 July where he was refused entry. 'Ali Derwish Moussa after being refused entry to Lebanon was forcibly exiled to Abu Dhabi on 14 July. The forcible exile of Bahraini nationals suspected of political opposition activities is in contravention of international human rights standards and apparently of Article 17 (c) of Bahrain's own constitution.

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