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Amnesty International and ISHR welcome steps taken by the Special Procedures to improve their work but express concern about continuing lack of cooperation by members of the Human Rights Council

, N° d'index: IOR 40/2524/2020

Amnesty International and ISHR welcome the report of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Special Procedures and would like to express our appreciation for the process set in motion by the Coordination Committee to discuss ways in which the Special Procedures can continue improving their work. This process is not only important for self-reflection on the part of the Special Procedures, but also for keeping the Council informed about how it can address non-cooperation by states, including lack of responses to visit requests and communications, acts of reprisals and intimidation against human rights defenders, and attacks ad hominem against mandate holders by UN member states. This statement was published in connection with the item 5 general debate at the resumed 43rd session of the Human Rights Council.

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