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Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Further information on possible prisoners of conscience / legal concern and new concerns: ill-treatment / health concern / prisoner of conscience

, N° d'index: EUR 70/037/1996

Darko Pajko, Oliver Pajko, Sasa Petrovic, Ivan Urosevic and Branko Opacic and others (names unknown); new name: Dejan Bulatovic: Darko Pajko, Oliver Pajko and Sasa Petrovic were released on 7 December after serving their seven-day prison sentences after having been found guilty of throwing some eggs and yoghurt at the offices of the pro-government media in Belgrade. Another demonstrator, Dejan Bulatovic, was reportedly beaten by police in Belgrade following his arrest on 6 December 1996 after he had taken part in demonstrations in protest against the annulment of local election results.

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