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Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Ill-treatment / fear of extrajudicial executions

, N° d'index: EUR 70/010/1998

Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province: On 2 March 1998 police broke up peaceful demonstrations in Priština and other towns. The demonstrations were organized by ethnic Albanians in protest over the weekend shooting of other ethnic Albanians. Although the number of injured has not been confirmed, it is reported that ethnic Albanian journalists were among the victims. In recent days at least 16 ethnic Albanians and four police officers were reportedly killed during other clashes between police and ethnic Albanians. Ethnic Albanian sources are claiming that many more Albanians have been killed, including civilians who were not involved in fighting. On 28 February police reportedly clashed with members of the Kosovo Liberation Army near Glogovac town. Two police officers and five Albanians, including one woman, were killed. Ethnic Albanians claim that at least seven, and possibly many more, Albanians were shot dead by police firing from a helicopter in irez village near the town of Srbica the same day. An unknown number of people have been arrested in the course of the fighting and the demonstrations. Attacks are also reported to have taken place on refugee centres housing Croatian Serb refugees. AI fears that further unlawful killings and human rights violations may occur in the context of the continuing clashes.

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