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Croatia: Failure to provide adequate protection from ill-treatment: Serbian refugees from Krajina

, N° d'index: EUR 64/002/1995

AI is concerned about the lack of adequate protection offered to Serb refugees from the Krajina region passing through Croatia en route to Serbia. On 9 August 1995, members of UNCIVPOL stationed in Croatia reported attacks by a mob of about 1000 Croatian civilians on a Serb refugee column moving through the town of Sisak. Witnesses estimate that 99% of the 2000 or so refugees who had passed through Sisak showed signs of injury. Croatian military and civilian police officers reportedly took no action to protect the refugees until pressed to do so by UNCIVPOL officers; what action they then took was insufficient to provide full protection. AI is concerned that the remaining Serb refugees from Topusko, who have to take the same route, may be at risk of similar attacks.

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