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EXTRA 09/94 - Croatia: health concern / ill-treatment: Dzemal Muratovic

, N° d'index: EUR 64/001/1994

There is concern for the health of Czemal Muratovic, who is currently in police custody in the town of Pzega (formerly Slavonska Pozega) in northern Croatia. He was reportedly arrested in his home town of Slavonski Brod on 7 February and allegedly severely beaten during interrogation. A police doctor visited him on 11 February and confirmed injuries consistent with beating, and recommended immediate treatment. It seems that Dzemal Muratovic's relatives and lawyer have not been allowed to arrange for their own doctor to examine him. Dzemal Muratovic, a 36-year-old Muslim, is a lorry-driver, and has recently been driving for a Muslim charity taking humanitarian aid into Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was arrested apparently on suspicion of car stealing.

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