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Further information on UA 315/93 (EUR 63/18/93, 9 September) -Bosnia- Herzegovina: deliberate and arbitrary detention of civilians / deliberate and arbitrary killings / fear of torture and ill-treatment and new concern: hostage taking: Detained Muslim civ

, N° d'index: EUR 63/020/1993

There is continued concern about the fate of the Muslim civilian population in Bosnian Croat controlled areas of central Bosnia. New reports state that despite releases, large numbers of Bosnian Muslims remain detained, many of whom are believed to be civilians. Conditions in places of detention are reported to be extremely harsh with many prisoners in a state of severe malnutrition. There have also been reports of beating, ill-treatment, harassment and extrajudicial execution. On 5 October BBC Television reported that 100 men of military age were among those detained and forced to dig trenches near front lines. There is concern that they may be held as hostages to be exchanged for Bosnian Croats.

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