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UA 278/94 - Bosnia-Herzegovina: fear of ill-treatment / fear of deliberate and arbitrary killings: Sulejman Skokic, Kemal Skokic, Halid Adanalic, Esad Adanalic, Avdo Adanalic, and other Muslims in the Serbian-controlled areas of north-eastern Bosnia-Herze

, N° d'index: EUR 63/016/1994

Some 50 Muslim men from the town of Janja and the surrounding area were reportedly arrested by the Bosnian Serb authorities on 15 July 1994. There have also been reports that several hundred Muslim men of military age in the nearby towns of Bijelijna and Brcko were also rounded up. It is feared they may be killed, detained and ill-treated, or forced to fight with Bosnian Serb forces. Representatives of the UNHCR in Tuzla have expressed fears of a new wave of "ethnic cleansing" by Serbs after 135 people arrived there on 16 and 17 July after having been expelled from Bijeljina.

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