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Further information on EXTRA 47/93 (EUR 63/12/93, 14 May; and follow-up EUR 63/14/93, 28 May) - Bosnia-Herzegovina: deliberate and arbitrary detention of civilians / deliberate and arbitrary killings / fear of torture and ill- treatment: Civilian populati

, N° d'index: EUR 63/015/1993

There have been new reports of thousands of people being held in detention camps in Mostar, Stolac, Dretelj, Gabela and elsewhere in the region. Some 10,000 Muslim males from Mostar have been detained by Bosnian Croatian forces over the past few weeks and held in detention camps where conditions are said to be poor. A report, published in the Guardian newspaper on 19 July, stated that Muslim shops had been dynamited and there were reports of rapes. Among those detained, are said to be an invalid taken with all the other Muslim men from the town of Capljina, and Dr Mehmed Kapic, a doctor working at the local hospital in Stolac, arrested in May 1993. Bosnian Croatian leaders have reportedly informed the UNHCR that they wish to deport the detainees to third countries.

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