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UA 55/93 - Bosnia-Herzegovina: "disappearance" / fear of deliberate and arbitrary killings: around 25 men, including: Adem Alomerovic, Rasim Coric, Fevzija Zekovic, Fikret Memovic, Najazija Kajevic, Esad Kapetanovic, Ismet Babicic, Samir Rastoder, Senad D

, N° d'index: EUR 63/006/1993

Some 25 men, including the above-named, were abducted from a train on 27 February 1993 at the village of Strpci, just inside Bosnia-Herzegovina, by men in the uniform of the police of the self-proclaimed "Serbian Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina". The above-named men are reportedly Muslims from Prijepolje, Bijelo Polje, Bar and Podgorica in Montenegro. Serbs from Bosnia-Herzegovina were reportedly also abducted, possibly to punish them for failing to take up arms with Serb forces in Bosnia.

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