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Bosnia-Herzegovina: Amnesty International concerns in the case of Edin Garaplija.

, N° d'index: EUR 63/002/2002

In view of the consideration by the Human Rights Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the application by Edin Garaplija (Case no. CH/00/6558, Edin Garaplija v. the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Amnesty International expresses its concern that criminal proceedings against Edin Garaplija, which commenced in 1996, violated his right to a full and fair hearing as guaranteed by international standards and national law. Amnesty International is also concerned about the failure of the authorities to date to fully investigate human rights abuses committed by (para) military units under their control during the war. Allegations relating to these abuses have been raised, among others, by Edin Garaplija during the Supreme Court proceedings.

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