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Further information on UA 74/93 (EUR 61/01/93, 16 March) - Turkmenistan: death penalty: Yury Yurevich Ayriyev

, N° d'index: EUR 61/003/1993

Yury Yurevich Ayriyev faces imminent execution after his petition for clemency was turned down by the President of Turkmenistan, despite a leading newspaper in Turkmenistan casting doubt on the conviction. He was sentenced under article 106 of the Criminal Code only after a second hearing of the case by the Regional Court of Balkansky velyat (region) in the city of Nebit Dag. The case had originlly been sent back for further investigation by the Supreme Court on 2 September 1992 on grounds of inconsistencies in the preliminary hearing. It is alleged that witnesses' statements were distorted during the second hearing and that references to a second man's involvement were dismissed by the prosecution. Yury Ayriyev continues to protest his innocence.

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