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Turkmenistan: Further information on "disappearance"; and new concerns: fear of torture / possible prisoners of conscience: Yusup Kuliyev, Khoshali Garayev, Mukhammad Aymuradov

, N° d'index: EUR 61/001/1995

Members of AI's Urgent Action network have received official replies about this action from the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Washington. The Ambassador calims that Yusup Kuliyev, reported to have "disappeared", had not been arrested and was at home in Ashgabat. However, unofficial sources maintain that he had been detained for around 15 days and that, although he is now at home, he remains under supervision by law enforcement authorities.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 61/01/95
Distr: UA/SC
6 January 1995
Further information on UA 389/94 (EUR 61/02/94, 31 October 1994) -
"Disappearance" and follow-up (EUR 61/03/94, 18 November) - Fear of torture
/ possible prisoners of conscience
Khoshali Garayev
Mukhammad Aymuradov
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Members of the Urgent Action Network in the United States who sent appeals
on behalf of Yusup Kuliyev, Khoshali Garayev and Mukhammad Aymuradov have
received official replies from the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Washington.
The Ambassador states that after receiving appeals about the apparent
"disappearance" of Yusup Kuliyev, and in compliance with Amnesty
International's request, "we completed an investigation of Mr Kuliyev's
whereabouts and are pleased to report that he was not arrested. Mr Kuliyev
continues to live at his home in Ashgabat and work at the Turkmenistan State
Cinema Company".
Unofficial sources insist that Yusup Kuliyev was detained by agents of the
State Security Committee (KGB) for around 15 days, and Amnesty International
believes these reports to be credible. However, the Ambassador's assertion
that Yusup Kuliyev was not arrested is correct: it is now clear that although
Yusup Kuliyev was detained and questioned about alleged preparations to
assassinate the President, no formal charges have been brought against him
in connection with this. Unofficial sources concur with the Ambassador's
statement that Yusup Kuliyev is at home in Ashgabat, but continue to allege
that he is under supervision by law enforcement authorities, with his freedom
of movement and rights to receive visitors restricted.
The Ambassador confirmed that Khoshali Garayev and Mukhammad Aymuradov are
in detention, but declined to provide details of the charges against them.
Concerning the fears of torture raised by Amnesty International, the Ambassador
asks Amnesty International to "be assured that the government of Turkmenistan
does not condone the maltreatment of detainees or prisoners".
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and
airmail letters
- welcoming the assurances of the Government of Turkmenistan that it does not
condone the maltreatment of detainees or prisoners, and expressing the hope
that it will continue to guarantee the physical safety and well-being of Khoshali
Garayev and Mukhammad Aymuradov;
- continuing to call for an explanation of the exact nature of and basis for
the criminal charges against Khoshali Garayev and Mukhammad Aymuradov;
- welcoming the news that Yusup Kuliyev has not been put under arrest, but
noting credible reports the he was indeed held in detention by the KGB in Ashgabat
for around 15 days, and calling for an investigation into allegations that
he was tortured during that time;
- asking whether allegations that Yusup Kuliyev is living under supervision
by law enforcement authorities are correct, and if so what are the reasons
for this.
1. The President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurad Niyazov
744000 g. Ashgabat
Apparat Prezidenta
Prezidentu Niyazovu S.A.
Telegrams:Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, apparat Prezidenta, Prezidentu Niyazovu S.A.
Faxes:+ 7 3632 25 51 12
Salutation:Dear President Niyazov
2. The Chairman of the Committee for State Security, Allashur Ovedzhov
g. Ashgabat
KGB Turkmenistana
Predsedatelyu Ovedzhovu A.
Telegrams:Turkmenistan, g. Ashgabat, KGB, Predsedatelyu Ovedzhovu A.
Salutation:Dear Chairman
3. The Procurator General, Turbanmukhamed Kasimov
g. Ashgabat
Prokuratura Turkmenistana
Generalnomu Prokuroru Kasimovu T.
Telegrams:Turkmenistan, g. Ashgabat, Prokuratura, Gen. Prokuroru Kasimovu.
Salutation:Dear Procurator General
The Minister of Foreign Affairs
744000 g. Ashgabat
ulitsa Magtymguly, 87
MID Turkmenistana
Faxes: +7 3632 25 14 63
and to diplomatic representatives of TURKMENISTAN accredited to your country,
where these exist.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 22 February 1995.

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