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UA 413/92 - Tadzhikistan: possible extrajudicial executions / fear of extrajudicial executions: suspected members of the opposition from the Pamir and Garm regions (includes correction)

, N° d'index: EUR 60/001/1992

Reports indicate that tens of unarmed civilians suspected of supporting the opposition have been extrajudicially executed in Dushanbe in recent weeks by forces loyal to the pro-communist government. In one such incident, outside the cinema "Tadzhikistan" on 15 December 1992, twenty people were reportedly shot dead by armed people in the uniform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; they had been identified as having their place of birth in the Pamir or Garm regions. The previous day, two people were reportedly shot dead in Circus Square, after a similar passport check. Unofficial sources also report that opposition leader Musa Isa, from the Pamir region, has been killed.

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