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Kazakstan: Fear of imminent execution: Boris Timofeyev

, N° d'index: EUR 57/008/1995

AI fears that Boris Timofeyev is facing imminent execution, possibly within the next 48 hours, after the Clemency Commission of Kazakstan turned down his petition for clemency.

EXTERNAL AI Index: EUR 57/08/95
EXTRA 140/95 Fear of imminent execution 13 November 1995
KAZAKHSTAN Boris TIMOFEYEV (_____ ________ in Russian)
Amnesty International fears that Boris Timofeyev is facing imminent execution,
possibly within the next 48 hours, after the Clemency Commission of Kazakhstan
turned down his petition for clemency. Amnesty International has learned that
the order for carrying out the death sentence has already arrived at the prison
in Karaganda, central Kazakhstan, where Boris Timofeyev is on death row. Boris
Timofeyev's only chance of a reprieve is if the Clemency Commission can be
persuaded at this late stage to reconsider its decision and recommend that
President Nazarbayev grants him clemency.
Boris Timofeyev was sentenced to death for allegedly organizing the murder
of the general director of the Karaganda Metallurgic Plant. Boris Timofeyev
is a former deputy general director of this plant. He is accused of hiring
Lithuanian mercenaries to carry out the murder. Boris Timofeyev claims he is
The exact dates of the trial and appeals against the sentence are not known.
There are allegations that there were serious violations of criminal code
procedure during the investigation.
Amnesty International is opposed to the death penalty in all cases and without
reservation on the grounds that it is a violation of the right to life and
the right not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or
punishment as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes/express/airmail letters either
in English, Russian or in your own language:
- urging President Nazarbayev to grant clemency to Boris Timofeyev, and to
commute his death sentence;
- urging the Clemency Commission to reconsider its previous decision and grant
clemency to Boris Timofeyev;
- urging President Nazarbayev to commute all other death sentences that come
before him.
The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev
Respublika Kazakhstan,
480091 g. Almaty,
pl. Respubliki, 4
Apparat prezidenta
Prezidentu Nazarbayevu N.A.
Telegrams: Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, apparat prezidenta, Prezidentu Nazarbayevu
Faxes: + 7 3272 63 95 95
Salutation: Dear President Nazarbayev
The Chairman of the Clemency Commission, name not known
Respublika Kazakhstan,
480091 g. Almaty,
pl. Respubliki, 4
Komissiya po voprosam pomilovaniya
Telegrams: Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, Komissiya pomilovaniya, Predsedatelyu.
Salutation: Dear Chairman
Procurator-General of Kazakhstan, Maksud Narikbayev
Respublika Kazakhstan,
480099 g. Almaty,
ul. Zheltoksan, 189
Prokuratura Respubliki Kazakhstan,
Generalnomu Prokuroru Narikbayevu M.
Chairman of the Supreme Court, Mikhail Malakhov
Respublika Kazakhstan,
480103 g. Almaty,
ul. Sovetskaya, 66
Verkhovny Sud Respubliki Kazakhstan,
Predsedatelyu Malakhovu M.
Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Kasymzhomart Tokayev
Respublika Kazakhstan,
g. Almaty,
Ministerstvo inostrannykh del
Ministru Tokayevu K.
Faxes: +7 3272 63 13 87
and to diplomatic representatives of Kazakhstan accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 15 December 1995.

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