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UA 419/94 - Georgia: fear of imminent execution: Tamaz Tsatava, Levan Kharabadze, Paata Tsanava, Temuri Miresashvili, Romul Gogisvanidze, Mamuka Chikaidze, Murman Bregvadze, Besik Khalaya, Mindia Tsotsoria, Davit Soselia, Tendi Gazdeliani, Amir Gazdeliani

, N° d'index: EUR 56/014/1994

Tamaz Tsatava was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of Abkhazia on 5 August 1992. It is believed that the Supreme Court of Georgia upheld his sentence. The other 12 men were sentenced to death during 1993 and 1994 by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Georgia. As this is the court of highest instance, there is concern that these men may not have had the right to appeal to a court of higher jurisdiction. Their petitions are now pending with the Clemency Commission of the Georgian parliament.

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