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Further information on UA 277/94 (EUR 56/07/94, 19 July; and follow-up EUR 56/09/94, 18 August) - Georgia: fear of torture / legal concern / medical concern: Zaza Tsiklauri, Viktor Domukhovsky, Mamuka Danelia and Zurab Bardzimashvili

, N° d'index: EUR 56/010/1994

There remains concern for the health of the four above-named defendants amid reports that they are not being granted appropriate medical care. Zaza Tsiklauri is reportedly suffering from a fever caused by tuberculosis, but his request to be transferred from the stuffy and crowded pre-trial detention cells has not been granted. Zurab Bardzimashvili is reportedly suffering from epilepsy, irregular breathing and a weak pulse, but has recently been returned to his cell from the hospital. Mamuka Daniel is reported to have been suffering from a high temperature for the last two weeks, but has not been transferred to hospital. A criminal investigation has been initiated into reports that Viktor Domukhovsky was beaten in his cell on 13 August by special police forces.

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