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Belarus: Prisoners of conscience / fear of torture or ill-treatment / police brutality / arbitrary arrests / fear for safety / health concern

, N° d'index: EUR 49/004/1998

Vyacheslav Sivchyk, Pavel Severinets, Dmitriy Vaskovich, Alyaksandr Kashenya, Ivan Abadovsky, Leonid Vasyuchenko, Stepan Kulchenko (released) and Timophey Dranchuk (released): The above-named prisoners of conscience, arrested at a large anti-government demonstration in Minsk on 2 April 1998, could be at serious risk of torture and ill-treatment. Stepan Kulchenko and Timophey Dranchuk were reportedly released, though criminal charges against them remain. The others have been charged and remain imprisonned.

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