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Belarus: Peaceful demonstrators reportedly beaten. At least 20 detained

, N° d'index: EUR 49/003/1998

Boris Khamaida, Vladimir Pleshchenka, Yuriy Moroz, Ivan Abadovskiy, Vitaliy Kuplevich, Dmitriy Tolkachyov, Andrey Nikolaev, Andrey Glavitskiy, Yuriy Golubev, Andrey Matsuk, Pavel Rakhmanov, Dmitriy Anapel, Yuriy Astrovskiy, Leonid Vitkovskiy, Anna Tsypkala, Anna Panasyuk, Nadezhda Yarmishina, Sergei Bakhun,Valeriy Kisel and Viktor Meskin: Between 20 and 50 people were arrested and beaten by police following a peaceful demonstration in the Belorussian capital Minsk on 22 March 1998. Those detained included journalists and members of the opposition party, the Belarussian Nationalist Front. Women and minors were also arrested. Seven people have now been released, having been found guilty of shouting censored slogans and insulting the President. An unknown number of people are awaiting trial in detention centres.

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