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Belarus: Further information on ill-treatment / possible prisoners of conscience

, N° d'index: EUR 49/003/1997

Gregory Kishko, Nikolai Statkevich: Amnesty International is concerned at reports of continuing arrests of peaceful demonstrators. On 23 March 1997 between 70 and 150 demonstrators were arrested following a rally against President Lukashenka. Some of those arrested are still in detention. On 1 May Nikolay Statkevich, the leader of the opposition Belorussian Social Democratic Party was arrested and served 10 days in prison for holding unsanctioned meetings. On 23 March Gregory Kiyako, an artist, was arrested and reportedly beaten by police, following a demonstration. Although initially released, he was rearrested on 1 April and is at present in pre-trial detention.

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