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Russian Federation: Further information on prisoner of conscience and conscientious objector: Uvanchaa Dozur-ool Mongushevich

, N° d'index: EUR 46/050/1996

All criminal charges against the above, a 22-year-old conscientious objector and novice at a Buddhist monastry, have been dropped and he has been released.

EXTERNAL AI Index: EUR 46/50/96
7 November 1996
Further information on UA 184/96 (EUR 46/34/96, 23 July 1996) and follow-up
(EUR 46/40/96, 30 August 1996) - Prisoner of Conscience / Conscientious
RUSSIAN FEDERATIONUvanchaa Dozur-ool Mongushevich, 22, novice at a Buddhist
Amnesty International has been informed by the Chief Military Procuracy of
the Russian Federation that all criminal charges against conscientious objector
Uvanchaa Dozur-ool Mongushevich have been dropped, and that he has been released
from detention.
No further action by the UA Network is requested. Thanks to all who sent

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