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Russian Federation: Federal Security Service (FSB) versus prisoner of concience Aleksandr Nikitin: return to Soviet practices

, N° d'index: EUR 46/042/1996

Aleksandr Nikitin, who was working for the Norwegian environmental organization "Bellona Foundation", has been accused of leaking state secrets under Article 64 of the Russian Criminal Code (treason) for writing about accidents on nuclear submarines and the consequences for the environment. Amnesty International is concerned that the Federal Security Service (FSB) which leads the investigation into the case has continuously violated national and international standards of criminal procedure and appears to be more concerned in obtaining Aleksandr Nikitin's conviction than in establishing the truth in the case through fair judicial determination. The organization is concerned that the prosecution of Aleksandr Nikitin reflects the worsening human rights situation in the Russian Federation and that, if he is convicted, further arbitrary prosecutions of innocent people by the FSB may follow.

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