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Further information on UA 251/93 (EUR 45/09/93, 30 July) - United Kingdom: fear of refoulement: Karamjit Singh Chahal

, N° d'index: EUR 45/014/1993

On 22 October 1993 the Court of Appeal dismissed Karamjit Singh Chahal's appeal against the High Court's ruling of February 1993. Both courts have now ruled that the authorities acted within their powers when ordering his deportation on grounds of national security. There is concern that if returned to India, he would be at risk of torture, extrajudicial execution or "disappearance". This risk has been heightened by the UK government having publicly branded him a "terrorist" without having given him an effective opportunity to defend himself. It has failed to present credible reasons for rejecting his asylum application, and has not substantiated its allegations made against him.

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