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Turkey: Further information on fear of "disappearance" / fear of torture

, N° d'index: EUR 44/170/1996

Nesime Sevinc (f), Tarik Dolan, Murathan Besenk, Cemal Ayyildiz, Iskender Azizoglu, Huseyin Akdogan; Nejdet Ozdemir and another person (name unknown); new names: Menfiye Besenk, wife of Murathan Besenk, Metin Incel: Murathan Besenk and Nesime Sevinc have reportedly been released. Cemal Ayyildiz, Tarik Dolan, Iskender Azizoglu, Menfiye Besenk and Metin Incel have been formally arrested on charges of PKK membership.

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