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TURKRAN 11/91: Turkey: Erdogan Kizilkaya: Misleading medical report after torture

, N° d'index: EUR 44/157/1991

Erdogan Kizilkaya, aged 23, was detained by police in Kayseri, on 4 August 1991. A medical certificate dated 5 August stated that he had no signs of injury on his body but he alleges that he was beaten by police from the moment he entered their vehicle after his arrest. At police headquarters he was reportedly beaten and tortured with electricity; he claims that an attempt was made to rape him with a truncheon. At one point he was allegedly forced to watch the torture of a girl, a visitor to his house arrested with him, to make him confess. He was examined again on 9 August; the medical report recorded no signs of torture. However, later examinations by a prison doctor and at Kayseri Hospital dispute this. He has been released on bail while his trial continues at Kayseri.

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