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Further information on UA 408/94 (EUR 44/136/94, 18 November 1994) - Turkey: fear of torture / "disappearance" : Murat Fani

, N° d'index: EUR 44/150/1994

Murat Fani and those arrested with him are reported to have been severely tortured while in police custody in Mersin. Murat Fani was held for 15 days and produced in court on 23 November, where he was committed to prison. His lawyer visited him in Mersin Prison and was told of the torture he had suffered. He and the other detainees had been sent from prison for medical examination but had not been given medical certificates, allegedly because of pressure from gendarmes. Murat Fani and the other detainees refute claims by the authorities that they were found with large quantities of weapons.

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