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Further information on UA 337/94 (EUR 44/95/94, 14 September and follow-up EUR 44/103/94, 26 September) - Turkey: fear of torture / "disappearance": Mehmet Balamir, Kadriye Ozcanli, Gursel Sahin, Nezahat Ozen, Metin Dag and new name: Vehbiye Tuzun

, N° d'index: EUR 44/115/1994

Mehmet Balamir and Kadriye Ozcanli were formally arrested on 30 September 1994, charged under the Anti-Terror law and committed to prison. Gursal Sahin, Nezahat Ozen and Metin Dag are still in incommunicado detention in Gendarmerie Regimental headquarters in Diyarbakir. It is feared that they are being tortured. On 2 October, Vehbiye Tuzun, the Urfa correspondent of Ozgur Ulke, was detained by police at Diyarbakir Bus Terminal. The police denied her detention at first but after intervention by Azimet Koyluoglu, State Minister for Human Rights, they confirmed her detention. It is feared that she may be being interrogated under torture.

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