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EXTRA 96/92 - Turkey: fear of torture: Methiye Elci, Kemal Elci, Bahrettin Elci and scores of villagers whose names are not known to Amnesty International

, N° d'index: EUR 44/114/1992

The above-named are among people from Altinova village in the province of Mus, eastern Turkey, who were detained on the night of 2 November 1992 after security forces raided the village. The villagers are apparently suspected of supporting the guerrillas of the PKK. They were taken to Mus and are held incommunicado at Mus Police Headquarters. AI had been told that the father of Methiye Elci, aged 16, and her brother Kemal, aged 34, had been allowed to see his children. However, their father is at present ill in hospital some 2000 km distant from Mus. AI fears that the detainees may be subjected to torture during interrogation.

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