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UA 368/94 - Turkey: torture / death after torture: Abdulkerim Bagdur, Yalcin Kilic

, N° d'index: EUR 44/113/1994

Abdulkerim Bagdur was detained in Adana on the morning of 4 October 1994. Police brought him to his parents' house on midnight the same day to search the house. He was reportedly bleeding and unable to stand. Finding nothing, the police took him back with them. There is extreme concern for his life. Yalcin Kilic, a student, was detained in Seyhan, near Adana, on 24 September 1994. On 2 October police left him at Adana Bus Terminal, collapsed and exhausted. A taxi took him to hospital. The police returned to the bus terminal to search for Yalcin Kilic. They went on to the hospital and kept him under guard until he died, the same day. His injuries were recorded in a certificate from the Forensic Institute.

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