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Turkey: Fear of torture / torture

, N° d'index: EUR 44/100/1996

Leyla Yagiz (f), aged 19, Temerhan Yagiz, her husband, aged 23, Naima Yagiz (f), aged 70, Robar Yagiz, aged 18: Leyla Yagiz and her husband were detained at their home in Nusaybin and are believed to be held at the Police Headquarters in Nusaybin. It is alleged that she is being tortured in front of her husband in order to extract information about a relative wanted by the police. Two cousins of Leyla Yagiz, aged 16 and 18, were detained at there family house which was reportedly wrecked during the police search. Their 70-year-old grandmother was allegedly so severely beaten that she had to be admitted to hospital. Both cousins have since been relelased. Robar Yagiz was reportedly so badly tortured that he had to be hospitalized.

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