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UA 360/93 - Turkey: fear of torture - detained: Mehmet Sirin Ogunc, Hakim Ogunc, Zeki Ogunc, Huseyin Ugurlu, Sami Duygu, Husamettin Duygu and two others; burned in their home: Nasir Ogut, his wife and six children

, N° d'index: EUR 44/094/1993

There are fears that the eight Kurdish men listed above may be tortured in incommunicado detention. On 2 October 1993 gendarmes raided a district of Altinova, Mus province, southeast Turkey, where a wounded guerrilla was thought to be sheltered. In an exchange of fire the wounded guerrilla and a gendarme were killed. The security forces returned later that night and burned a number of houses, including that of Nasir Ogut who was killed with his family. The rest of the male population were assembled and threatened by an officer, who then detained the men named above. It is believed they are being interrogated at Mus Gendarmerie Brigade Headquarters, and under emergency legislation they may be held without access to lawyers or their family for up to 30 days.

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