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Further information on UA 186/91 (EUR 44/72/91, 31 May) - Turkey: fear of torture: Dr Cavit Olgun, Murtaza Kacmaz, Gunay Korkut, Mustafa Ziya Korkut, Nilay Ergen Sen, Iner Ekmis, Sengul Mete, Ali Kacmaz, Ali Kocgun

, N° d'index: EUR 44/085/1991


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index:EUR 44/85/91
Distr: UA/SC
21 June 1991
Further information on UA 186/91 (EUR 44/72/91 - 31 May 1991) - Fear of Torture
TURKEY; Dr Cavit Olgun
Murtaza Kaçmaz
Günay Korkut
Mustafa Ziya Korkut
Nilay Ergen _en (not Nilay Ergin as previously indicated)
Iner Ekmi_
_engül Mete
Ali Kaçmaz (not detained as indicated in first UA)
Ali Koçgün
All those named above, detained after the assassination of General Temel Cingöz,
23 May 1991, (with the exception of Ali Kaçmaz) were brought before the Public
Prosecutor and formally arrested on 7 June 1991. They are now in Adana E-type
prison, awaiting trial.
Dr Cavit Olgun has stated that he was subjected to a "certain degree
of pressure for the first two days" but that after this time he was not
ill-treated. It is not known what treatment the other detainees underwent while
in custody, but all those arrested (including Dr Olgun) rejected the statements
they made to the police as having been made under duress. More information
will follow. Meanwhile the fear of torture is now past, and no further action
is required at this moment. Thanks to all who sent appeals.

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