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Further information on EXTRA 71/92 (EUR 44/79/92, 24 August) - Turkey: fear of torture: Fatma Gulten Sesen, Sultan Celik, Ufuk Demirkaya, Solmaz Tartar (note corrected name), Sirin Celik, Gulay Tan, Turan, Yasar Guzel and new name Ayten Celik

, N° d'index: EUR 44/080/1992

This action updates information regarding some of those named above, who were detained in Adana on 24 August 1992. AI has now learned that Solmaz Tartar (previously incorrectly spelled Dartan) is the President of the Istanbul Ozgur-Der (Association of Rights and Freedoms). AI has also learned the full names of two other detainees, Gulay Tan and Yasar Guzel, who is Secretary General of the Malatya Ozgur-Der.

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