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Further information on UA 286/94 (EUR 44/66/94, 22 July and follow-up EUR 44/67/94, 26 July) - Turkey: torture / fear of torture / arbitrary detention: Cemil Timur, Zeydin Timur, Sevket Timur, Hasan Aykut, Fehim Yalcin, Saadi Ozlu, Osman Ozlu; and new nam

, N° d'index: EUR 44/079/1994

This action contains information about the conditions in which villagers are being kept in the containment area at Mezraa, Hakkari province and about events leading up to the establishment of the containment area. There is reportedly little food and fuel and the villagers are living in very insanitary conditions. It appears that they may be being used as a shield against further PKK attacks. Men from Evrek are reportedly being forced to march in front of soldiers making reconnaissance expeditions.

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