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Further information on UA 255/93 (EUR 44/76/93, 5 August; and follow-up EUR 44/77/93, 6 August) - Turkey: "disappearance": Ferhat Tepe

, N° d'index: EUR 44/079/1993

Ferhat Tepe has been found dead in Hazar lake near Elazig. His body was discovered on 5 August, and taken to the State Hospital in Elazig, but despite having photographs of Ferhat Tepe, the Elazig police interred him as an "unknown person" in Elazig cemetery. On 9 August his family received an anonymous phone call and using photographs of the drowned person, identified him. The body was exhumed and reportedly found to have bruises around the neck and traces of blows about the body. The family have not yet received the autopsy report.

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